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Water heater

We at Fifth Ave Emergency Plumbing and Heating company follow the below steps in water heater:
Carry the water heater to the place where it is to be installed using a cart, dolly or by manually lifting it. You will need the help of another person in this entire process.

Affix the water heater such that the vent pipe is visible clearly. Now, install the heater's new draft hood.
There are holes present on the top of the heater. The legs of the heater should be properly fitted into the holes. The old vent pipe elbows may be corroded because of excessive use. It is advisable to use new vent pipes in place of them. The vent pipe should be connected with metal screws.

After completing this, it is the time to make the hot and cold water connections. This is the most important step in the hot water heater. Flex connectors should be used to make the connections in a proper manner.